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At PFG Wills & Trusts it is our goal to deliver peace of mind by helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of estate planning. PFG Wills & Trusts offers access to a wide array of estate planning products and services that are comprehensive, affordable, and customized estate planning documents to meet individual needs. We educate on the various estate planning options, so that an informed, confident decision can be made that will create a personalized estate plan that is best for the individual(s), their family and the things that matter most.

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At PFG Wills & Trusts Document Preparation, we provide the following legal services.

Revocable Living Trust

This Trust is fully revocable or changeable during your lifetime. The Trust names you as the Trustee of your own property and, in the event that you are unable to continue acting as Trustee or upon your demise, your Trust designated a Successor Trustee you elect to act on your behalf. In addition, your Trust allows your designated Successor Trustee to promptly take over the management of your affairs if you should become unable to manage your affairs due to illness, accident, Alzheimer’s or other forms of incapacity. The Trust essentially acts in place of a Last Will and Testament, to ensure that your property passes to your beneficiary with minimum hassle and expense, if properly funded.

Last Will & Testament

Also referred to as a “Will”. This document sets forth your wishes with regard to the manner of distribution of your estate through the Probate Court. Please note, a Will pertains only to the distribution of assets titled in your name at your death. Any assets held in Joint Tenancy With Right of Survivorship will pass to the surviving joint tenant. You can also use your will to name guardians for your young children, name an executor and forgive debts. After your death, your executor pays any debts or taxes and sorts out who gets what based on the terms of your will. This court-supervised and highly-structured process mentioned above called "probate" and has a reputation for being drawn-out and expensive.

The Durable Power of Attorney for Management of Property & Financial Affairs

The Durable Power of Attorney is a “general power of attorney”. You may authorize your Agent to handle your financial affairs either immediately or upon your disability, which is a decision that you will make prior to the creation of the document. This document give your Agent the authority to act on your behalf to dispose of, sell, convey and/or encumber your real and personal property, based upon the powers you select and authorize them to have.

Health Care Power of Attorney

The Health Care Power of Attorney gives the individual you name to serve as your Agent, the authority to make medical decisions on your behalf. The Agent may sign consent forms and/or releases with hospitals and/or doctors based upon the powers you select and authorize them to have. The Health Care Power of Attorney also included a “Living Will” for end of life advanced directives.

Mental Health Care Power of Attorney

The Mental Health Care Power of Attorney gives the individual you name to serve as your Agent, the authority to make mental health care decisions on your behalf, if you become incapable of making these decisions for yourself.

HIPPA Authorization & Waiver

The HIPAA Authorization and Waiver is a “stand-alone” document that authorizes your health care providers to release information concerning our otherwise confidential medical and health information to the individuals you designate to receive the information.

Final Disposition Instructions

The Final Disposition Instructions give you the opportunity to provide the name(s) of the representative(s) you wish to carry out your burial or cremation and the opportunity for you to provide instructions to your loved ones concerning your preferences for a funeral service or memorial. As applicable, this document also provides your loved ones with the name and contact information for the mortuary, funeral home and/or cemetery of your choice or in which you have made prior arrangements for the disposition of your remains.


We are various types of deeds depending on your ultimate goal, whether it be to beneficiary designate a property or transfer ownership to an individual, Trust or LLC.

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Our team strives to provide ethical, affordable and comprehensive estate planning document preparation services that deliver peace of mind. We proudly educate individuals and families on the value of estate planning and help them to achieve their estate planning goals through education, information and document preparation. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your estate planning needs and goals.

Patience Sullivan

Patience Sullivan

Administrative Assistant

Patience has worked in customer service and administrative roles for a combined 10 years. She is experienced in administrative and coordination tasks as well as providing exceptional client service. Patience serves as the primary contact for our team and is instrumental in the coordination of scheduling meetings and ensuring client needs are met. She thrives on helping people, learning, and compassion. 

Jaimie French

Jaimie French

Client Services Representative

Jaimie has been working in the Estate Planning field since 2014. He has several years of estate planning experience specializing in legal document preparation and case management. He currently assists in all areas of client services for PFG. He graduated from Phoenix College with an Applied Science in Paralegal.

Matt Lang

Matt Lang

Client Services Representative

Matt has worked in the mortgage and finance industry as a loan advisor & an investment specialist. He loves helping clients achieve their goals and peace of mind & making sure they are educated in all aspects of the process. He grew up in Tucson and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a finance degree.

Susi Bennett

Susi Bennett

Chief Operating Officer

Susi has worked in the financial services industry for more than 30 years. Prior to joining PFG, she was the Chief Operating Officer for Desert Financial, a multifaceted Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO). Susi’s leadership experience spans the range from sales management, lending, learning and development to estate planning, insurance and wealth management.

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